COLLETTIVO 4 will assess your project. By sharing information with us,  we will gain a clear understanding of the scope and size of the work.  Please note that we work with a high standard of privacy and security in all forms of communication and data processing. Communication is a very important part of our work and we devote a lot of attention and commitment to a fair and efficient exchange of information.

Initial documentation can be provided as a hard copy or in digital format.
Throughout our business relationship, we will communicate and exchange information in the most efficient way either through email, in-person meetings, or video conference, depending on needs. Preliminary work will be uploaded to the cloud and password protected. We will give you a customer site and a personal password to access the documents.

If you or your client have a written protocol about the work standard, we will follow it.

If you don’t have a work standard, we will share ours with you.

We use CAD or BIM software for any graphic design

We can develop graphic design work from ideas, sketches, drafts of intermediate stages of design. We can pick up the work from where you left it, meeting where you are. We can draw the customer’s ideas and give her/him time to manage the entire design process, agreeing on the level of creativity that we need to introduce and establish whether it is a purely intellectual work or a graphic one.

Outsourcing not only keeps costs down but also delegates to highly qualified personnel.

The price is based on the processing time, which is closely related to the complexity of the work and the proximity of the deadline. Costs may be assessed both as a lump sum or as an hourly fee.

Lump-sum: this option works with small jobs that leave no room for interpretation or variables. The customer will know in advance the cost of our work and since we always assume the risk of this option, little room is left to flexibility.

Hourly fee: this option is ideal for large or complex works where there may be changes and revisions. By establishing a schedule, the client maintains cost control and will be able to access timetables

The work is done always and only upon signature of the contract by both parties.